Maitreya, 2013

Oil on canvas

48 x 24 inches


Maitreya is the Bodhisattva of Loving Kindness.  His name is derived from the Sanskrit word Maitri (Pali, Metta), which means loving kindness.  Maitreya is considered to be the next Buddha who will incarnate on earth.  He is shown here with a stupa (Buddhist temple) in his hair, and a vase containing the elixir of immortality in his left hand.  His right hand is held in the discerning gesture (vitarka mudra), with thumb and one finger touching, which indicates the belief that he will constantly be giving teachings at his residence in the Tushita Heaven until the time he descends into this word as the next Buddha.  His mantras include:  OM MAITREYA MAIM and MAITRI MATTRI MAHA MAITRI SVAHA.

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