pastel on paper
44.75 x 28.25 inches (frame)

Gautama Buddha was born on the day of the full moon of May in the sixth century BC in modern day Nepal.  His parents, King Suddhodana and Queen Maha Maya lived in the city of Kapilavatthu.  As she was nearing term, the Queen made the traditional journey to her homeland to give birth.  Half way there, she stopped in the Lumbini Grove, where she gave birth while standing up, clutching the branch of a sal tree.  The Queen had been advised of the upcoming birth by a dream of an elephant entering her right side, and here the Buddha is shown emerging from her right side.  The child was named Siddhartha; the family name was Gautama, belonging to the Shakya clan.  Queen Maha Maya died seven days after giving birth.

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