silkscreen on paper, ed. 16
7 x 8-3/4 inches

This silkscreen was made using the Kodalith photo process.  I took a photograph of a pen and brush drawing I made, and then printed it on Kodalith film which came in large sheets.  I then made a contact print onto a screen that had been made light-sensitive. I was helped with the process by my friend Joey who taught me about photography and helped me buy my first camera. The screen was made light-sensitive by coating it with a combination of gelatin and potassium dichromate. The screen would be stored in a dark place until it was time to use it.  When exposed to light the gelatin would harden.  The gelatin that hadn’t been hardened (because the black of the Kodalith had blocked out the light) would then be washed out of the screen with water.

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