pastel and ink on paper
40.5 x 29 inches (sheet)
45 x 33 inches (frame)

Vajrasattva is the Adi-Buddha, the embodiment of the five cosmic elements and the spiritual father of the five Dhyani Buddhas.  He is the equivalent of Vajradhara.

Vajrasattva is the Buddha in the Tibetan tantric tradition associated with spiritual purification and the overcoming of negative mental tendencies.  An important Buddhist concept is that the combination and interaction of masculine and feminine elements leads to enlightenment.  This is shown here by depicting Vajrasattva with his consort Ghantapani.  It is also shown by the vajra, the male element representing compassion, that he holds to his heart in his right hand, and the bell, the female element representing wisdom, that he holds in his left hand.  The elaborate jewelry and crowns indicate that they abide in the heaven world.

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