acrylic on paper
50.5 x 40 inches (frame)

Tara means star, and so she is considered the protectress of navigation and travel, protecting the devotee during the most important journey–the final crossing to the other side. She is the female aspect of Avalokitesvara and in some origin stories she comes from his tears, and like him, she embodies compassion.

White Tara (Sitatara) is one of the most popular Buddhist deities because she is appealed to for healing and long-life.  She is depicted with white skin as she is described as white and radiant like the moon. She is often referred to as the seven-eyed one with three eyes on her head, one on each of her palms, and one on each of the soles of her feet. These eyes symbolize her compassionate vigilance to see all the suffering of the world. She is seated in the meditation pose.  Her right hand is open and outstretched in the gesture of giving; she holds a lotus in her left hand.

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