acrylic on canvasboard
16 x 20 inches

This is a detail of the painting in the root 2 format.  Before attempting the final painting in the root 2 format, I wanted to see if I liked the root 2 format and so painted a section of it. It was at this stage that I decided on the lighter color scheme.

The root 2 rectangle is a rectangle where the ratio of the side to the length is 1:1.4142+.  In terms of geometry, it means that the length of the rectangle is equal to the diagonal of the square built on the side of the rectangle.  The system of picture composition built on the use of root rectangles was developed by Jay Hambidge.  I studied this method when I wrote my PhD dissertation on the artist Emil Bisttram (1895-1976) who used this method exclusively in his work.  The rectangles are all based on the square and extrapolations of it by use of its diagonal. 

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