acrylic on canvas
24 x 34 inches

This series of four paintings shows the evolution of an idea.  Entering In I is the sketch.  Entering In II is the painting executed in oil.  Then, because of my interest in dynamic symmetry, I decided to do an experiment and redraw the composition in a root 2 rectangle.  Entering In III is a part of the composition to see how the root 2 would look.  Entering In IV shows the entire composition in the root 2 format.  

The initiate enters in, greeted by Gautama at the lower left.  Padmasambhava sits in the center with Avalokiteshvara at the far right.  A bodhisattva sits in the upper register under the arch.  The initiate is shown in three forms, entering in at the lower right, sitting naked on the ledge of the building, and ascending at the upper left. 

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